Mozilla Firefox 32 Hack for Super Smooth Scrolling

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I've been using Firefox since they rolled out version 25 with a major design overhaul. I never felt satisfied with the default scroll settings, the jerky scrolling behavior is total pain in the ass. I've used a few add-ons to modify the responsiveness and scroll speed, they actually make things worse. So I looked into Mozilla forums, community members have been suggesting that we should enable smooth scrolling option in browsers preferences. I've given it a try and it actually worked, It makes scrolling a little smooth but doesn't change the scrolling speed. So i had decided to dig into the Mozilla browser about:config setting and made a few changes to the scroll settings.
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Why you should care less about SEO

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Today my post title gives an impression of a person who opposes the efforts made by SEO professionals to keep SEO industry alive by puzzling innocent bloggers and business owners to toss a significant amount of money to keep their websites rank better in search engines. White hat seo techniques can keep you going for a longer time but eventually they fail when mixed with some kind of spammy black hat methods.

Don’t get me wrong, I'm not against SEO. It’s a healthy thing when done properly by staying within the guidelines mentioned by Google. Most of people don’t understand those guidelines. They try to hire someone who can do that thing for them, especially when an individual or a small firms can’t afford to pay a high amount of money to a team of reputable seo experts, they usually go with the individuals in the seo industry, which most of them are just pretending to be one with a very little knowledge about the search engine optimization.

I have read thousands of articles about seo optimization and how website gets affected when Google rolls out their panda or penguin update, and I’ve noticed many bloggers asking for help in discussion forums.

You need to be sincere with yourself. Scraping content, unnatural links and building thin affiliate sites – all of these tactics will not gonna work. Build original content for users not for search engines. You start caring less about seo and build quality content.

Let’s talk a little about dirty tricks to manipulate your rankings. You can do that by pointing a lot of unnatural links towards your domain whether you buy them or ask your fellow blogger to help. It can do wonders and flood your website or blog with traffic, but it’s not gonna stay longer. Google update their search algorithms to filter spam from their databases to return more relevant and spam free results to users. You’ll get penalized within a week if your try to trick the search engine. Usually it’s really hard to make a faster recovery. You can’t remove all those links you’ve pointed towards you.

The best practices for seo can be hiring a specialized seo firm before starting your website. Here’s my article on how you can optimize seo of blogs or checkout Google SEO starters guide to prepare yourself for a brighter blogging future.
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How to add Music to Windows 8 Music App

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The windows 8.1 is expected to arrive on the 17th October 2013, according to the details revealed by Microsoft. However, developer's preview is still available for download. Windows 8.1 Music app aka XBOX music gets an overhaul which is totally different from the older version of the app.

If you’re a new to Windows you might have faced some difficulties adding your music tracks to the app. Here’s a little tutorial on how to do that.

Locate your music albums and move them to your music directory which happens to be "C:\Users\[windowsusername]\Music".

Now head towards the music app and open my music folder, the app will automatically load all the tracks, albums etc to the app! That’s it, Enjoy your music.

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Top Social Apps for Windows 8

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I've been using windows 8 since its launch. I've seen a prominent growth in the number of Windows 8 store apps. Most of them lack quality and there’s actually a very few number of official apps showing up in the past few months. Companies like Facebook and Google didn't show any interest in building officials apps for the Windows 8 platform.  In the past weeks, we've seen Microsoft and Google feuding over the removal of YouTube app from the windows store because of some violation of their API’s.

But, here’s the good news. Facebook and many other similar platforms announced that their official apps will be coming to the windows store by the end of this year. Till then you've to wait. In the meantime, you should try out these superb social apps.

Stumble Upon

Su lets its users surf the web on the basis of interests they've been following. This app lets you discover web pages, images and videos in a very nice and user-friendly manner. You can also use add page feature within the app. Recommendations, searching and exploring is also a part of this beautifully designed app.


You can get the best social experience with this official twitter app. You can do almost anything you do on the desktop site. You can also surf shared web pages within the app and it’s pretty good at rendering the website code.


Skype keeps you informed about what’s happening with your friends. It keeps running on the background without draining your device battery. On-screen notifications deliver you messages, no matter what you’re doing. Share photos, videos and files without any size bound.


WordPress is a great app for blogging addicts. You can create new posts in no time. You can surf original content from the WP platform. You can also create, share, re-blog and follow anyone within this great app.


You can watch staff picks. Besides that, You can upload videos and browse through channels.


This app lets you share your reviews. You can stalk on what people are saying about the places they had recently visited. So next time ,don’t forget to checkout the reviews before visiting a new place.

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Counter Strike 1.6 Gaming Server on PTCL Broadband Router [Settings]

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Value Corporations Counter strike is one of the best first person shooting game (FPS) ever made. Back in 2000, the game was created after a modification was made to half-life. Counter strike offers online game play through a server that allows multiple users to connect and play. You can use your Ethernet network or Internet to connect to a specific server with an IP address.

Ethernet Server connection don’t require any customization in game or router settings, but for Internet game play you need to configure your router to let your friends find your server through as specific IP address. Many CS newbies don’t know how to configure their own servers.

Here’s how to set up Gaming server on PTCL Broadband Routers. [Step by Step]
To configure your router setting open internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Enter in the address bar. This is the address to access your modem configuration which varies from model to model. This address work on a large range of PTCL routers.After entering IP address a pop-up box will appear in your browser. You need to enter your username and password to authenticate access to your router configurations. Default id and password.


Password: admin

Username: admin

Now go to advance setup>> Nat >> Virtual Servers.

Select a half-life from a list of game. It will automatically add internet and external port numbers. You need to select TCP/UDP protocols for your virtual servers. These protocols handle the transfer through your network.

You also need to enter an ip address. Enter

Save and apply.

Now go to your Ethernet [LAN] Settings Properties.

Uncheck Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPV6).

Go to Internet Protocol 4 (TCP/IPV4) properties.

Use Following Setting and validate upon exit.

Now Google your currently browsing ip and send it to your friends with a forwarding port number! Enjoy CS!
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5 Reason Why Google+ is better than Facebook

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It's been a year and a half when Google+ appeared in the competition of Social media with an aim to pursue Facebook. Its users never tried to compare it with Facebook in a way that it's going to be the next social giant someday. Google+ was launched at that time when no one was looking for another social platform to share their cats and dogs photos doing funny things. It was an attempt by Google to bring all its products together at one place.

Google never seems to be concerned about whether it's going to tumble down Facebook or not. According to the recent fact and figures plus has more than 400Millions users and it's nowhere close to 1Billion+ users on Facebook. But one thing is for sure, it's going to be a success sooner of later. People started getting bored withFacebook and now they need something new, the new fresh look of Google+ can easily attract an exhausted users from Fb.

Here are 5 reasons why it's better than Facebook.

Fresh New Look

G+ faced a lot of criticism from users in the early days of its development because of its lame look. On 11th April 2012 they announced a fresh look with better navigation, live stream/timeline, hangouts and more. This time it was cool and users loved it. It was way better than the FB timeline that almost half of the FB users criticized.


Presence of Hashtags on Google+ makes it easier to use, search and look out for what's trending.  You cannot interact socially and discussions can't be made unless you find a cool topic of your choice. Facebook do not support tags, though it allows you to search but only a limited number of posts can be shown in the section of public posts.

Better Query Search and Integration of Google+ in Search Results

This integration helps users to see what information their circles are sharing on G+. You can count it as a suggestion from your friend. The G+ Query search makes it better, you can access a large whole of online data which makes it even more valuable. Facebook is full of people who share lots of informative stuff but it's useless, you can't even access it. Facebook search is a mess because it only shows a bunch of pages with millions of likes.

Circles with More Control over Sharing

Circles on G+ allows you to filter your friends, family and acquaintances. You have better control on what information you will have to share with which circles. Opposite to that, on Facebook you need to hover on every single person in your friends list to filter them as an acquaintance.

Hangouts (Video Chat)

The extremely beneficial service from G+ know as hangouts allow you to add up to 9people at once in a video chat.  There are many great ways you can use these hangouts to interact with your friends. Small, medium and bigger business owners can also use them to interact directly with their customers. Many celebrities already used them to interact with their fans. Overall its way better than the Facebook video call which only works if you have installed Skype on your computer.

Conclusion - There are many other cool things out there on G+, we should not underestimate the power of G+. Those who were complaining about a few number of users on G+ needs to liberate themselves from the congested atmosphere of Facebook and explore a bigger and better G+! 
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