Reasons Why People Started Getting Bored With Facebook

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Back in Feburary 2004 when Facebook was founded by Mark Zuckerber with the help of his class roommates, it was just an ordinary social site created for the students of Harvard university. The main purpose of its creation was to help students interact with each other at Harvard. The Zuckerberg  group agreed upon lifting up its limited membership which at that time was just for the students of various universities, after that it started spreading all over the world and become an addiction for huge number of internet users. Since then we have seen and heard how successful this site was in engaging millions of users.

The company did a great job in maintaining the site's reputation, they had struggled from the static html pages to the dynamic view timeline which was not a big success. Now after they have come so far, people started getting bored with the giant social media site. There are several reasons, here are some of them.

Forcing Users to adopt Timeline

Rolling out the new interface called timeline and forcing people to adapt it was the first official wrong move made by Facebook. It's something people didn't even liked. Some accidently tucked into the new interface and the rest of them were forced to adapt the new look after a month.

Privacy concerns

In the past few years Facebook have made many changes to their  privacy policy. An ordinary user just can't understand those terms and conditions on which and how Facebook is going to use your private data and sell it to bigger companies. Massive number of users deactivated their accounts and still are worried about it because it's going to be there forever, you can deactivate it temporarily but you cannot remove it permanently.

Millions of Fake Account

Facebook is a handy tool for spammers because you can sign up for dozens of accounts with fake names and fill the about me section with whatever you want. According to the terms and conditions you can only sign up for only one account. According to the official statement, it has 83Million fake accounts.

Zynga Lost the trust of its users

Millions of users play games on Facebook on a daily basis. A huge number of users log into the site only to play games. In the beginning Zynga focused on driving quality but then too many developers came. People started getting bored with the same type and futile strategies of developers. Many users left because of no official support from Zynga. Game bugs and errors are some of the reasons which took away the interest of millions of users from the social giant.

Edge Rank and Promoted Posts

Lately the site has introduced an algorithm to determine the popularity of a page to accommodate a good piece of content on the top of your news feed and its being named as an Edge Rank. They rolled out this new thing to guarantee the success of their promoted posts feature for pages. Page owners are very disappointed with it and are not willing to pay money to reach their own fan base. They put up a block on the 85% audience reach of your posts unless you pay them to do. Smaller and medium sized business owners started looking for better options like Twitter, Tumblr and Google+.

The whole system is broken and it needs to be fixed otherwise it's going to be the same Mypsace story and some other site will going to be the social media giant. 


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