5 Reason Why Google+ is better than Facebook

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It's been a year and a half when Google+ appeared in the competition of Social media with an aim to pursue Facebook. Its users never tried to compare it with Facebook in a way that it's going to be the next social giant someday. Google+ was launched at that time when no one was looking for another social platform to share their cats and dogs photos doing funny things. It was an attempt by Google to bring all its products together at one place.

Google never seems to be concerned about whether it's going to tumble down Facebook or not. According to the recent fact and figures plus has more than 400Millions users and it's nowhere close to 1Billion+ users on Facebook. But one thing is for sure, it's going to be a success sooner of later. People started getting bored withFacebook and now they need something new, the new fresh look of Google+ can easily attract an exhausted users from Fb.

Here are 5 reasons why it's better than Facebook.

Fresh New Look

G+ faced a lot of criticism from users in the early days of its development because of its lame look. On 11th April 2012 they announced a fresh look with better navigation, live stream/timeline, hangouts and more. This time it was cool and users loved it. It was way better than the FB timeline that almost half of the FB users criticized.


Presence of Hashtags on Google+ makes it easier to use, search and look out for what's trending.  You cannot interact socially and discussions can't be made unless you find a cool topic of your choice. Facebook do not support tags, though it allows you to search but only a limited number of posts can be shown in the section of public posts.

Better Query Search and Integration of Google+ in Search Results

This integration helps users to see what information their circles are sharing on G+. You can count it as a suggestion from your friend. The G+ Query search makes it better, you can access a large whole of online data which makes it even more valuable. Facebook is full of people who share lots of informative stuff but it's useless, you can't even access it. Facebook search is a mess because it only shows a bunch of pages with millions of likes.

Circles with More Control over Sharing

Circles on G+ allows you to filter your friends, family and acquaintances. You have better control on what information you will have to share with which circles. Opposite to that, on Facebook you need to hover on every single person in your friends list to filter them as an acquaintance.

Hangouts (Video Chat)

The extremely beneficial service from G+ know as hangouts allow you to add up to 9people at once in a video chat.  There are many great ways you can use these hangouts to interact with your friends. Small, medium and bigger business owners can also use them to interact directly with their customers. Many celebrities already used them to interact with their fans. Overall its way better than the Facebook video call which only works if you have installed Skype on your computer.

Conclusion - There are many other cool things out there on G+, we should not underestimate the power of G+. Those who were complaining about a few number of users on G+ needs to liberate themselves from the congested atmosphere of Facebook and explore a bigger and better G+!