YouTube Banned in Pakistan - Google Transparency Report Show Huge Traffic Dip

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Pakistani government blocked access to the social video sharing site YouTube on Monday 17, September 2012 right after Google refused an order from the white house to take down an anti-Islam film “The innocence of Muslims”. Government of Pakistan declared that they will not be going to take away the block until the video sharing site removes that video.

Pakistani Prime minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf ordered the ban on the 17 of September. Different other Islamic countries also requested for the removal but Google refused and censored the specific piece of content in those countries with a notice "Video Not available in your Country".

It's been a month and the site is still under a ban, the Google transparency report shows a huge traffic dip after PTA blocked access to the site from Pakistan. Following graph from the Google transparency report site shows a massive go down of number of daily visitors to the site.  The block also disrupted other services including Google+, Play, Drive, extension and Docs because of the negligence of PTA.

The Big G's depends on the 90% of the revenue they generate by displaying ads on their services and other blogs and sites. A huge drop in the number of Visitors might hurt such a giant Tech service. Keep in mind that Google is financially one of the strongest company in United States keeping a share price of around 750$.

What do you think, cutting off connection from such a useful site which helps users to stick around and watch informative videos including helpful material for their studies can revolutionize us? I guess no, this will be going to have a negative impact for sure, especially for those students who totally rely on the service to watch their lectures. What to do you think about it? Share in Comments!