Why you should care less about SEO

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Today my post title gives an impression of a person who opposes the efforts made by SEO professionals to keep SEO industry alive by puzzling innocent bloggers and business owners to toss a significant amount of money to keep their websites rank better in search engines. White hat seo techniques can keep you going for a longer time but eventually they fail when mixed with some kind of spammy black hat methods.

Don’t get me wrong, I'm not against SEO. It’s a healthy thing when done properly by staying within the guidelines mentioned by Google. Most of people don’t understand those guidelines. They try to hire someone who can do that thing for them, especially when an individual or a small firms can’t afford to pay a high amount of money to a team of reputable seo experts, they usually go with the individuals in the seo industry, which most of them are just pretending to be one with a very little knowledge about the search engine optimization.

I have read thousands of articles about seo optimization and how website gets affected when Google rolls out their panda or penguin update, and I’ve noticed many bloggers asking for help in discussion forums.

You need to be sincere with yourself. Scraping content, unnatural links and building thin affiliate sites – all of these tactics will not gonna work. Build original content for users not for search engines. You start caring less about seo and build quality content.

Let’s talk a little about dirty tricks to manipulate your rankings. You can do that by pointing a lot of unnatural links towards your domain whether you buy them or ask your fellow blogger to help. It can do wonders and flood your website or blog with traffic, but it’s not gonna stay longer. Google update their search algorithms to filter spam from their databases to return more relevant and spam free results to users. You’ll get penalized within a week if your try to trick the search engine. Usually it’s really hard to make a faster recovery. You can’t remove all those links you’ve pointed towards you.

The best practices for seo can be hiring a specialized seo firm before starting your website. Here’s my article on how you can optimize seo of blogs or checkout Google SEO starters guide to prepare yourself for a brighter blogging future.