Tips For Seo Optimization of Blogger Blogs

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Starting a blogger blog, designing its look and uploading its template is not that difficult as a newbie thinks it would be, the next step is publishing content which is likewise very easy that a working mom who don’t have any idea about how to set up your own blog can easily organize and manage it in her own way. The most important strategy they don’t know about is the SEO search engine optimization for your blog. SEO is very important for keeping a higher flow of organic search engine traffic. Below are 5 of the most important tips a blogger must consider after setting his/her new blog. 

Healthy Title Tags and descriptions for Your New Blog: 

It is the first and the foremost step to configure title tags for your newly created blog, an appealing description also plays an important role in compelling a search engine user on the way to to your blog organically. 

Fresh, Unique and Up-to-date content is the King: 

Keep your blog updated, post a new article on a regular basis because loyal readers followed to keep updated from your newest post, and don’t make them wait longer otherwise they will be no more your loyal readers. Share creative ideas and keep your content unique, copied or scraped articles doesn’t rank well in search engine and could trigger the de-indexing (removal) of your content from SERPS. 

Do not Pamper Your Ranking with Unnatural Link Building: 

Link building tactics for a newbie could be difficult in order to retain higher SERP Ranking. First step is to keep yourself away from the unnatural link building tactics such as forum link posting, Buying links (link Farms), excessive Bookmarking, Comment spamming etc.  Fresh and unique content is sufficient to persuade your niche neighbor’s to naturally link to your posts. 

Understand the Importance of Do-follows and No-follows 

Most of newbies out there don’t have any ideas what do-follows and No-follow links are, Gaining do-follow back links from different sources is one of the fastest ways to claim some space on the top positions in SERPS because they pass page rank or link popularity juice from the source and now days it’s impossible to gain natural do-follow without collaborating with other blogger in your niche. There are tons of no-follows, every reputable social media sites turned their outgoing links to no-follow to help Search engines control spam. 

Social Media Importance 

Don’t neglect the importance of No-follow social media links, Google recently revealed that they use Social media sharing’s as a signal to determine the popularity of a link. Share links on Facebook, Google and Twitter will help you get generate lots of traffic and also benefits if people naturally share, +1 or retweet your shared posts.  Keep in mind not to spam your links anywhere everywhere, use your Fan page on Facebook and Google+ to share your recent posts, According to the Google Official SEO guide best practices is to only share important pages from your blog to start commutations among social communities.

Consider these five tips before starting a new blog to retain higher Ranking in SERP

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