Image Traffic Frame Breaker Code: Search Engine Penalty?

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The most discussed topic on the internet among bloggers on webmaster discussion forums, and so far no one knows the truth behind the SE frame breaker code. I started two blogs 6 months ago and I decided to give that code a try on one of my blog with a large number of image traffic as well as organic hits. Placing search engine image frame breaker code is very useful for bloggers with lot of images and it’s an effective way of utilizing your image traffic to increase your page views and your blog revenue. 

Right so what are the pros and cons of placing a Search engine Image Traffic frame breaker code? If you are a newbie blogger with a large number of images and written content on your blog, I am pretty sure that you will be going to get more hits of image traffic as compared to organic ones from search engines, now why is that…? Simple Answer: other reputable blogs having higher Page rank will show up on the first page of Google search results. Okay, they have been working around since years and got some reputable links from other sites, this is something which assigns where you link will be placed in the search engine, right if you want to see your query or a new post on the first page, you need to be patient because it’s not matter of days or weeks, sometime it takes months to get your links some reputation in search engine.

Right in the mean time you will for sure get a higher number of image traffic hits and wish to redirect in order to get maximum benefit, the code is something that helps you do so, well there are rumors about image traffic drops after its placement and I don’t agree with all those discussions on webmaster forums stating that they had lost a large piece of their traffic stats just by placing it, it’s not something that triggers a search engine penalty, there might be some other reason that the just don’t want to discuss and keep blaming that code for the loss of traffic, I don’t believe all those rumors just because I gave it a try and nothing happens to my image or organic traffic.

Have you ever seen a reputable blog or site with the Frame breaker code, I did..! Hub pages and Squidoo, these two successful article publishing sites were using this code for a long time, as Google says they don’t favor someone pointing more reputation in search engine then this might be a sign of hope for newbie blogger. Right in my opinion you should give it a try, if you were working hard and writing unique content i am sure you will never ever gonna notice a traffic drop.

Benefits of Placement:

The main purpose of its creation was to save your originally posted images from getting stolen. A visitor can easily click on an image shown up in results and save it for their own use. If you place the code in the head section of your blog, then it will redirect the visitor directly from that page to your site from where the image belongs. You can easily save your images on your site by simply placing a code in the HTML of your template.

The Alleged Disadvantage:

After placing code on my blog, I have noticed that the source of image traffic in Google analytics was Direct, right it means it’s difficult for analytics to track the original source of your traffic and when it’s not capable of doing it, it will label it as direct source. I would not suggest you to use this code on Google AdSense enabled sites because AdSense team don’t like clicks on their ads from direct traffic, well I don’t have any idea that they are capable of tracking the source but I am concerned if they don’t they will gonna ban you from their advertisement program. So far there isn’t any SE penalty disadvantage of your code placement.

Blogger Template Editors Will Not Let You Edit your Template after its placement, Read this one to get some info about its removal.

Have you ever tried it before…? Share your experience in comments..!!!

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