How to Remove Image Frame Breaker Code from Blogger Template

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New bloggers get too excited when they find something new and helpful regarding their new blog which they recently started; they regularly surf new tricks, tactics and tips which they later implement, okay there might be some tips that’s appears to be very beneficial but it’s true that every shining thing isn’t gold. New bloggers don’t have any idea what are the advantages and disadvantage of them but once they get into it, its sometime difficult to recover the damage, here I am talking about the Search engines image breaker code that blogger put into their blogger blog templates to redirect their image blog traffic directly to the page where image belongs. This is something beneficial for a blogger because the person looking for it will be redirected to the blog and for sure look into things that he might not if there was a google image frame over it.

Well that’s the good side of this trick but, what happens is that once you place code which appears to be like this.

Once you successfully added the code and wish to reedit your template some other time, you click on the template menu on blogger dashboard and I am sure that page will redirect you to a black or white blank page with a URL something like this:

Okay this thing happened to me and I was shocked and then after I frantically started finding a solution of this problem, though I didn’t find one. I tried many tricks which includes slowing my internet browsing by playing lot of YouTube videos on other tabs so that the page which take some time to load but this trick didn’t worked out for me, but then I got a simple solution of this problem.

What to do:

The Template editor page have a frame on it that’s why it redirects you to the other one, the simple trick is to stop the loading of that frame in a jiffy just after the template editor page loads, may be not in the first try but in second or third you can easily get a hold on it.

Now simply click on the template editor, I am sure the page take two second to load and you have to stop the loading just after it, keep in mind don’t give the frame a time to load otherwise it will gonna redirect you. You can easily stop loading by pressing the cross button located in front of your URL bar in your browser.

Tip: Hit the cross button when the frame appears to be blank, try again if it redirects you and next time reduce the time of giving it a hit.

Right once stopped, you can easily edit your template, but you don’t have an option to customize it, in order to customize it, you first have to remove the code by editing and saving it and then move on to the customization.

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