Mozilla Firefox 32 Hack for Super Smooth Scrolling

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I've been using Firefox since they rolled out version 25 with a major design overhaul. I never felt satisfied with the default scroll settings, the jerky scrolling behavior is total pain in the ass. I've used a few add-ons to modify the responsiveness and scroll speed, they actually make things worse. So I looked into Mozilla forums, community members have been suggesting that we should enable smooth scrolling option in browsers preferences. I've given it a try and it actually worked, It makes scrolling a little smooth but doesn't change the scrolling speed. So i had decided to dig into the Mozilla browser about:config setting and made a few changes to the scroll settings.

Type about:config in the address bar, browser will show warn message to be careful, click to continue.

Now open search with Ctlr+F and find mousewheel.min_line_scroll_amount property, edit the integer value of this property to 100, you can change it depending on your preference. This edit will increase the numbers of lines your page scroll down.

Now search general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMaxMS and change its integer value to 600. Also change integer value of general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMinMS to 400. This modification will make your scrolling super smooth.

Hopefully this helped you out. Happy Hacking.