Top Social Apps for Windows 8

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I've been using windows 8 since its launch. I've seen a prominent growth in the number of Windows 8 store apps. Most of them lack quality and there’s actually a very few number of official apps showing up in the past few months. Companies like Facebook and Google didn't show any interest in building officials apps for the Windows 8 platform.  In the past weeks, we've seen Microsoft and Google feuding over the removal of YouTube app from the windows store because of some violation of their API’s.

But, here’s the good news. Facebook and many other similar platforms announced that their official apps will be coming to the windows store by the end of this year. Till then you've to wait. In the meantime, you should try out these superb social apps.

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Su lets its users surf the web on the basis of interests they've been following. This app lets you discover web pages, images and videos in a very nice and user-friendly manner. You can also use add page feature within the app. Recommendations, searching and exploring is also a part of this beautifully designed app.


You can get the best social experience with this official twitter app. You can do almost anything you do on the desktop site. You can also surf shared web pages within the app and it’s pretty good at rendering the website code.


Skype keeps you informed about what’s happening with your friends. It keeps running on the background without draining your device battery. On-screen notifications deliver you messages, no matter what you’re doing. Share photos, videos and files without any size bound.


WordPress is a great app for blogging addicts. You can create new posts in no time. You can surf original content from the WP platform. You can also create, share, re-blog and follow anyone within this great app.


You can watch staff picks. Besides that, You can upload videos and browse through channels.


This app lets you share your reviews. You can stalk on what people are saying about the places they had recently visited. So next time ,don’t forget to checkout the reviews before visiting a new place.