Higher your Rank, Faster Google will Index your Blog

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If you started a new blog, you might be curious about getting your published content indexed faster; it could take up to one to three days to properly index the published content, in the past few years Google crawlers became smarter enough to promptly fetch the pings generated from the blogger blogs when you publish a new piece of content.

Initiating your blog with unique content influences the search engines to come back more often to fetch the newly generated content, if you give your blog a start with scraped or copied content, I am afraid that Google will not index it. There are numerous techniques you can speed up the crawling process in the initial stages of your blogging.

Submit a Sitemap in GWT (Google Webmaster Tools)

Submitting a site map tells Google crawlers to efficiently crawl the URL structure present in a site map, a submitted site map often gets crawled and re-crawled to fetch the new submission. It also helps search engines discover the inaccessible content on your site.

Bookmark it your Content:

Bookmarking of your content may encourage crawlers reach your content faster, posting a links on Google+, Facebook or Chime will influence crawlers to follow up those links and fetch them quickly. Excessive unnatural bookmarking could trigger Google penguin penalties on your newly registered domain and will diminish your dream of becoming a reputable blogger.

Internal Linking:

Once crawlers fetched a published page, for sure they will be going to come back and re-crawl the existing URL, if they found internal links to other posts they will follow those links and fetch them. Keep in mind to keep your internal linking do-follow to let Google access every single internal link on your blog.

Links from Reputable Source:

Try to obtain inbound links to different blogs related to your niche through Do-follow commenting or by writing guest posts. Guest posting is one of the most effective ways of constructing Do-follow links directed towards your content in order to get higher ranking in SERPS. Links from high ranked source will help you get ranked better and speed up your crawling process.

Last One - The Simple one:

The Better you ranked, the faster Google crawlers will crawl your blog, keep your blog healthy by doing SEO optimization, check out my previous post about Tips for SEO of Blogger Blogs to get some ideas. If your blog is well ranked crawlers will fetch your newly published posts in seconds or minutes.

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