Blogger Now let you Edit Permalink for Every Post

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Blogger platform rolled out a new feature which helps you edit the permalinks for every single post on your blog. This is a big win for those who were looking for SEO optimization for their blogs. Well it looks like the blogger platform gets serious in rolling out new features since  lot of bloggers decided to move on to different other professional blogging platform because of their highly SEO optimized features.

Well there’s no need to enable this feature because it’s automatically present in your dashboard, the most important thing is to learn how to use this feature to gain more traffic. Following are some of precautions you might consider before using this feature.

Don’t Bomb it up with a lot of Keywords:

Assigning lots of highly searched keywords in your permalinks looks link of spammy. Don’t bomb it, try to keep it clean and put the most important keywords.

Use dash breaks after Every Single Word

Always use breaks after every single word because the URL system suggest you to add it up. Here are a few examples.


Keep in mind not to use Capital words in your URL’s, otherwise search engines could make some mistake in indexing sensitive case URL’s results in Duplicate content.

Keep your URL Short

Don’t lengthen up your URL because Google index a limited number of words from your URL to show up in SERPS.

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