How to Change [Reposition] Infolinks Tag Cloud

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Many of the bloggers try to find an answer on how they can alter the position of Infolinks related tag cloud which is in default present at the end of page only if you check the option to integrate it. Officially the advertisement network didn’t facilitate yet to put it somewhere manually, usually it shows up at the end of your page above the comments section. Well I was wondering if I can alter the position for more prominence in order to increase the CTR as well as revenue.

So I decided to look into the code of the related tag cloud which looks something like this:

<input name='IL_TAG_CLOUD' type='hidden' value='auto'/> 

Now you can easily integrate the code somewhere manually.

Just go to Layout>New Widget> select HTML widget and paste the code in it. Now move it anywhere everywhere, you can also alter Reposition the tag cloud using your template editor to show it below post title or at the end of your post.

This Change is Officially Confirmed that it doesn’t violate the TOS of the advertisement network. This tutorial works fine on blogger and Hopefully it will going to work on other blogging platforms like Wordpress, I didn't try it yet..!

Email From Infolinks:

Thank you for writing in..!

Please note that according to our terms of service you can only use the Infolinks ads and advanced features on websites that are registered in your account. 

It is not against our terms of service to move the Tag Cloud to a higher location, however, we do not officially offer that option in your Infolinks account - the feature is mainly meant for use on the bottom of your pages due to its size and appearance. 

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