Optimize Infolinks to Earn More from In-text Advertisement

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Success in blogging is hard to persuade, you need to do all you can to claim your presence in the blogging sphere, put up interesting content for your readers so that they should come back searching for more interesting and informative things. Mostly blogger discontinues their uphill struggle when they notice a drop in their advertisement revenue. Today I am sharing some tips on how you can make more money using Infolinks in-text advertisement.

Increase your Blog Traffic

Building traffic is a first and foremost method of increasing your Infolinks earnings, many
Newbie bloggers complain about low earning from Infolinks whereas all of them have relatively low visitors. Assign traffic goals and Keep track of your site/blog visitors in order to make the most out of your Infolinks advertisements.

Customize your looks

Customizing your links in a way they get more attention from your visitors will help you boost your CTR and consequently increase your revenue. Select double link option because they appear to be more prominent, show a maximum of 7-9 links on an article of 500 words.  Play with different colors to figure out which one works out best for you.

Search Widget

Using the search widget allows you to serve relevant advertiser results to your visitors. Enable your widget through inflolinks dashboard, don’t be panic if it doesn’t show up – it is designed for search engine traffic and standard users will not be able look at this customization.

Tag Cloud

Using tag cloud eventually increase your CTR and revenue, this feature automatically appears at the end of your blog/site, recently I wrote a post on how you can change Infolinks tag cloud position, you can alter it the way you want or what works best for you.

Bonus Earnings on Special offerings

You can participate in special offerings to maximize your revenue, actually they are kind of bonus earning for creative blogger, show up your creativity to become the winner.

Metric Based Trend Center

Trend Center an awesome win for publishers, it allows you to fetch high paying keywords. Don’t stuff them everywhere as it looks spamming.  Make good use of them to increase your earnings. Take a look into Metric Center.