Searching A Lucrative Employment: 10 Essential Tips

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Got tired of your present job or searching for the job for the first time? Here go some handy tips regarding a productive search. These tips will help you manage your résumé or CV and assist you acing the interview so that you can win a position in a well reputed company that you’ll love to work for. 

10. Try to make your resume vibrant and captivating. 

Although resume is a document that is often sped-read but they are still of immense importance because they’re still demanded by majority of jobs you’ll have in your way. Do something that distinguishes you from the bulk of other people for that same job. Take help from the web resources available. They can surely help to create a strong, impressive and effective resume. 

Websites like “” can help you pimp up your profile. Another website named as “” can serve your purpose too. Use the correct fonts and color schemes while avoid typos is a must thing.

9. Try to avoid typical words and cliché expressions. 

See it’s like this: If you want to be eminent amongst a bulk of people, you got to do something. Don’t use the commonly used words and type of language that doesn’t stands out and includes you in ordinary people list. Overused words like Organizational, Effective, Extensive experience, Track record, Motivated, Innovative, Problem solving, Communication skills, Dynamic etc. should be avoided as far as possible. Phrases like “References are available upon request” are just waste of space and they don’t need to be on your résumé. When it’s complete, read it thoroughly for any mistakes or add-ons you want.

A very useful and convenient website like can help you check out for any improvements your resume needs.

8. Always hunt for Career-Specific Jobs. 

Be clear in your mind what type of job you want. If you don’t know where you want yourself to be then of course you need some options. Trying to find jobs on popular websites like etc. is like searching for a coin in the Pacific. This doesn’t imply that they don’t have good job advertisements rather this means that you have to splash through quite a lot of unwanted jobs just to find the right one out for yourself. So finding some alternative way is a good option.

Websites like will send you the inside scoop on an exciting employer and their entry level jobs covering companies and organizations in an extensive variety of industries and places. If you are searching for a technology related job, then can surely be a good choice to initiate the exploration.

7. Go for a Best Company rather than a Position. 

It’s not just that you want a good job but you also want an environment that is cooperative and healthy for you. The company you have decides to join must have a good record of an honorable treatment with its employees. It’s not necessary that you only have to apply to Microsoft or Google because of their great employee benefits; you can do a little homework and can find some other company like them. Communicate with the existing employees there and ask them about their experience their and record their comments about the working environment there. In this way not only you have got valuable information about your future office but also you have just made a new friend. It’s a win-win position for you.

If you want online portal where people share about particular companies and organizations you check out for

6. Want to leave your current job? Sure! But leave the Bridges unburned.

So finally you have decided to quit your existing job. Okay do it with style too. Don’t break your connections with your bosses and colleagues. Be in contact with them as often as possible to uphold that good relationship. If you hate your company very much and don’t want to say anything to anybody then just try to quit elegantly rather than saying something wrong. Before making your decision final, discuss it with your colleague. It’s better than regretting on your mistake afterwards.

If you can plan a good-bye party for your boss and colleagues that would be awesome and will.

5. Networking.

The best companies you want to work for depends greatly (up to 50%) on employee referrals. So list down the names of your relatives, colleagues, friends and everybody you know. Contact them all and ask about any new jobs in their respective companies or any businesses they run on their own. Don’t be shy and modest. Get connected to a company and if you want some changes later on, go for a mutual transfer or switching positions. If it’s not the time to be choosy about the jobs then just go for the first opportunity you get and then negotiate for the pay scale and all that later on, once you’ve gained some experience and good repute and status. LinkedIn is pretty awesome site to get connected and communicate with professionals in your desires field. Making strong networks with them can benefit you finding a good job. 

Keep in touch with your references for multiple reasons of which one is that you can ask them for tips and furthermore you'll be refreshing their recall of you in their head. If a prospective company calls them, they won't pause and hesitate as much when memorizing who you are.

4. Making yourself up for the Interview.

Dress code for an interview doesn’t really mean that you have to put formal attire. The bottom line is that you have to look well-prepared and comfortable without overdoing it.

If you're not sure what you should wear to an interview, just call the company and ask to speak with the human resources department. Let them know you're coming in for an interview and that you want to know the expected dress code. In most cases, they'll be happy to help you out. If you have to go in uninformed, however, business casual is generally a good bet. While nobody really knows what business casual actually is, you'll generally be safe in a nice pair of pants and a button down shirt or sweater. Your goal is really to show that you're capable of grooming yourself and looking presentable. If your clothing fits, is well-ironed, and isn't something you'd wear around the house you're probably in good shape. This site can help you choose from a wide choice of attires for your interview day.

3. Reading the Body language and Facial expressions.

Learning how body language works is a very essential part in preparing well for an interview. It helps in quite a lot of situations and understandings of the clues which you send and receive during an interview are sometime, decisive. The gestures which should be avoided during your interview or any formal meeting are chewing your nails or lips, touching your face, touching your head, letting your legs become too restless, etc.

The bottom line is, you have to be looking comfortable and confident but professional too. If you can achieve that, you are all good to go ahead.

2. Tackling perplexing Interview questions

The whole thing is going healthy. You have arrived for the interview on the settled time, you're making excellent eye contact and you're acing every question that's being thrown at you. You are going all good and almost going to score the job until you hear the questioner say: “What’s your greatest weakness?” You recognize you shouldn't respond too rapidly, so you think for a while and it comes out that you actually don’t know how to reply on to this one. You just can’t speak out that I’m a weakness-free human being and all that because your soon-to-be boss will know that’s surely not the case. So there can be many ways to tackle this question. You can put your less dominant weakness forward to the interviewer that also relates some way to your job also.

One of the best ways to tackle this question is to say that I project self-expectations. This infers that you anticipate high from yourself and the others who work with you. This also strengthens your target of bringing out the best from everyone to make their contributions to a particular task at the maximum level.

1. Ask for a Sign-up Bonus.

Congrats on getting this nice job but you can get a pretty good amount of bonus if you ask for it at the sign-up before accepting the position. It you’re chosen one and competent also, then they really want you to stay and will probably be willing to pay you this extra bit. It’s not a demand but you’re just asking a question. If you put this one straight this might make them incline to offer you the bonus. There is no danger attached with these sort of question usually but if granted leads to great rewards.

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