Are you a computer addict?

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computer addict
Using anything moderately is good but in excess is bad, almost worst has got severe effects and this is what called addiction. A human can be addicted to anything. From drugs to technology, possibilities are limitless. Addiction in teenagers is very common; they can be addicted to anything like reading novels, smoking etc. Nowadays a growing trend is seen among the teenager which is computer addiction. It is not a positive trend unfortunately a negative trend. This kind of addiction is sometime destructive among teenagers and can have a major impact on not only the computer addicts but also his family and friends. First thing is that you have to think about your problem. If you life starts revolving just around computer and if you are consistently thinking about computer when you are not at it, this can be a sign of obsession, And it may be time to step back. So here are some tips to help a computer addict.  

  • To prevent computer addiction, it doesn’t take much to try for sports because they refresh your mind and keeps you health.

  • Reading a book can also be fun as it can be quite a distraction and will help to prevent computer addiction.

  • The position where you place your computer is important in reducing radiation. Do not let the back screen of your computer overlooking the place where people are walking around for your information. The strongest radiation is released from the back of your screen, followed by the left and right of your screen, while the front screen release less radiation. Make sure your eyes are place with in a distance of 50 to 75 cm away from the screen to reduce the hazard of the electromagnetic radiation from the computer.

  • Creating different types of crafts will surely help keep you busy.

  • Take some time out of the computer daily routine to go for shopping that can keep you at ease.

  • Get a cup of coffee, tea, fruit juice or it can be soft drink and try to chill simply by sitting and relaxing.

  • Invite your friend to you house and if possible call an old friend, I am sure they miss you. Spend time with them and enjoy yourself.

  • If you can then place several cactus plants behind you computer screen as they can effectively absorb the radiation released by the computer screen.

  • Go to some place like museum, park, and beach with you family or friends. It’s great to get out and see the world.

  • Play some mind juggling games like monopoly, and jigsaw etc.

  • Double focus yourself to limit your time with your computer. Try using a timer if it’s really bad. Take compete vacation from your computer if you feel that you are able to take a break. Have you set internet hours for your self? Then stick to it. Or, you might end up spending more hours before you computer then you intended to do. Force yourself to the time you get comfortable with it. Give your mind the rest it needs, make sure that you have 7 to 8 hours to sleep at least; it will help you remain human.

  • Writing something can also put your mind off from the computer. It can be anything like stories or articles.

  • Take some foods which are rich in vitamin A and C such as carrots, cherries, apples, bean sprouts, tomatoes as good measure to reduce the harmful effects of an indoor computer radiation.

  • Help you sibling out with something and play with them. They will be happy and so will you.

Computer addiction, especially to such features like games or instant messaging has been describes as being just as powerful drug addiction. In the end, I would like to say technology is a wonderful thing for sure and it often helps us make our daily life easier but it can really addictive and we mostly forget life is more important than the possession we own.